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Map slate's range of multicolor slate tile products can be used to create eye-catching flooring designs across a wide range of different settings. A more cost effective option than marble, our muticolored slate is a great way for designers to add vibrant tones and colours to interior design projects.

Every single multicolor tile that we make is unique, with its own pattern and mixture of colours, so pick a selection that harmonises with the carpets, paint scheme, artworks and furnishings in your home.

Our multicolored slate tiles come in a choice of shapes. There are rectangular and square varieties, along with far smaller mosaics - and all of them can be combined as you wish to create the right effect.

The size of the square and rectangular tiles varies. Smaller options measure just 30 x 30 cm, while large rectangular tiles come in 120 x 60 cm versions, and are ideal for covering large floor spaces. They can easily be cut and shaped to suit the layout of any room, ensuring that every square centimetre is covered in beautiful multicolor slate tile.
multicolor slate tiles
Our multicolor slate products aren't just useful in an artistic sense. They are also a practical way to add beauty to your home. Slate is extremely durable, and will resist scratches, heavy impacts and corrosive chemicals like acids. It is very easy to clean and hygienic too, making it perfect for households with small children.

Mapslate offers a huge selection of different slate products, and you can combine them with multicolor slate tiles to great effect. A mixture of green slate, oriental stone or white quartzite with the intricate patterns of our multicolor slate tile could turn featureless living rooms or bathrooms into vibrant, beautiful environments.

Contact Mapslate and order the ideal mixture of slate paving and flooring tiles for your project.  
multicolor slate tile pattern
Multicolor slate slabs Chemical Sheet  
Silicium 63,4%
Alluminium oxide 18,6%
Iron oxide 7,3%
Calcium oxide 2,9%
Loss at burned 2,6%
Physical Sheet  
Bulk specific gravity 2750 kg/m3
Bending strength 40.46 MPa
Water absorption 0,31%
Abrasion resistance 21mm
Slip resistance 56 URSV

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