Map-slate is located in Cicagna, near Fontanabuona Valley: one of the most important natural stone extraction areas in Italy. Products are sold in Italy and Europe, natural stone like oriental stone are appreciated for the highest quality of material, the resistance, aesthetic values and warm shades of yellow, pink and green. 

Oriental stone pavings are ideal for swimming pools, outdoor flooring and wellness centers, oriental stones have good weather resistance properties and ensuring a non-slip surface.
Map-slate has a wide selection of stone oriental pavings, customer can choose material, colour, size and design. 
Oriental stone pavings are chosen for indoor and outdoor spaces, colours available are warm shadows. Colours can be according to eternal decor to find the perfect match and make the most of outdoor design. 

Oriental quartzite is a very durable stone, pavings need some arrangements to to maintain and clean the surfaces. 
For more information you can contact Map-slate at telephone (+39 0185 92224) or you can write to this email address: info@map-slate.com. Tell your ideas and ask for a personalized quote.

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