High abrasion resistance (24mm).

Main features:
especially suitable material for KITCHEN and BATHROOM TOPS.

Mapslate's green slate products will be the ideal material to use in kitchens and bathrooms that seek to blend strength and durability with pure elegance.

This material has a warm, green colour which is created by the presence of ferrous oxides in the slate rock it was sourced from. This gives it a unique appearance, and will harmonise beautifully with wooden cabinets or whitewashed walls.

As well as looking the part, the green slate we use has a number of useful characteristics. Importantly, it is known for its high abrasion resistance (with a rating of 24mm). This ensures that your kitchen work surfaces won't become scratched and spoiled by a few months of use. Instead, your interiors will retain their original aesthetic quality, and remain perfectly functional.

This material is also completely waterproof. When used in bathrooms as a base for sinks or a flooring material, it will be able to handle spills of water and other substances without degrading. The same applies to kitchens and outdoor spaces. Wherever water is present, this slate will perform well and be easy to clean.

Water isn't the only substance this slate can handle. It also has a natural resistance to acidic solutions. Spillages of cosmetics or acidic foods won't risk damaging the surface in any way, another property that makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our slate is also extremely adaptable. It can be cut into compact units for smaller rooms or laid in larger blocks for extensive flooring arrangements. Wherever you want to add a solid, long-lasting and attractive surface, it can be shaped to suit your requirements.

Contact Mapslate to find out how our green slate products can fit into your design projects. From garden fountains to en suite bathrooms, it could be the perfect option.
Green slate slabs Chemical Sheet  
Silicium 65,7%
Alluminium oxide 17,2%
Iron oxide 6,8%
Calcium oxide 0,7%
Loss at burned 2,9%
Physical Sheet  
Bulk specific gravity 2750 kg/m3
Bending strength 29.17 MPa
Water absorption 0,36%
Abrasion resistance 24mm
Slip resistance 56 URSV

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