Deep black color, ideal for flooring. Slate ensures a quality performance in long-lasting in time and is a first choice in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

It allows infinite types of matching and combination with other stones of the Map Slate collection, also keeping excellent performance in time. With its deep black tone and durable performance, the black slate flooring by Mapslate will be a great option for using in kitchens, porches, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

Our black slate flooring can be ordered in a wide variety of different formats. If you have a large floor space that needs to be covered, our square and rectangular tiles will be ideal. They can be ordered in sizes that range from 30 x 30cm to 120 x 60cm, and you can mix and match the various dimensions to find an arrangement that gives you the look you need.

Alternatively, you could go for black slate mosaic arrangements. Mapslate's black slate is available in grids of 2.4 x 2.4cm cards, which form 30 x 30cm tiles. They can be added as protection around kitchen ovens, and would be an excellent way to accent bathroom designs as well.

Why choose slate flooring for your project? There are plenty of advantages. For one thing, the slate flooring available from Mapslate is extremely long-lasting. It will serve you well for many years without becoming damaged or needing replacement.

Black slate is also extremely easy to maintain. It handles stains well and can be quickly cleaned. Very few substances will leave permanent stains, ensuring that your floors retain their original appearance for as long as possible.

Slate is also a very hygienic material to use. There are few gaps between tiles where bacteria can gather, and the whole surface can be disinfected easily. With a flat, regular surface, you can also walk bare-footed across black slate flooring with no problems at all.

Feel free to experiment with Mapslate's other slate flooring products. With options like green, cardosia and sea slate to choose from, there is no need to be limited to just black.  


Black slate slabs Chemical Sheet  
Silicium 55,7%
Alluminium oxide 17,4%
Iron oxide 6,3%
Calcium oxide 1,0%
Loss at burned 6,5%
Physical Sheet  
Bulk specific gravity 2750 kg/m3
Bending strength 50.7 MPa
Water absorption 0,35%
Abrasion resistance 23mm
Slip resistance 158 URSV

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