A beautiful purple dark gradation and high quality finishes are just some of the exceptional features of the Purple Slate.

Mapslate's selection of purple slate products offers a wide range of beautiful finishes, and is suited to a diverse array of interior and exterior design projects.

The most striking characteristic of this material is its sheer beauty. Formed by millions of years of geological pressure in Italy's Fontanabuona Valley, the grain of this slate has an irresistible visual appeal and will add texture to bathrooms, kitchens, garden terraces, pool houses and toilets.

Each slab of purple slate produced by Mapslate has its own unique tone. Customers can choose from lighter, delicate colours or rich, deep purple slabs that have a warm, welcoming feel. Different finishes can also be applied to create certain effects. For example, it can be riven, honed or sawn. You can choose to leave the slate in its natural state, or polish the material, bringing out deeper patterns and adding a brilliant shine.

Whichever finish you choose, Mapslate's slabs will be a dependable solution to your flooring and surfacing needs. You can use our slate equally well as the floor for a shower or bathroom, for terracing beside a swimming pool, or as a kitchen worktop.

Wherever it is used, our slate will display waterproof characteristics. It won't degrade when constantly exposed to moisture, and it can handle acidic or alkaline substances as well. It will be resistant to scouring and scratching, while it is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean.

This type of slate will combine superbly with ceramic bath-tubs, wooden kitchen fittings, metal basins and various paint schemes. You can build a design around its rich gradation and grain, or add some of or materials to existing designs.

Whatever you choose, contact Mapslate and order the right amount, shape and type of purple slate, and complete your design in style.  <

Purple slate slabs Chemical Sheet  
Silicium 61,20%
Alluminium oxide 17,2%
Iron oxide 6,8%
Calcium oxide 3,6%
Loss at burned 2,9%
Physical Sheet  
Bulk specific gravity 2750 kg/m3
Bending strength 42.91 MPa
Water absorption 0,40%
Abrasion resistance 21mm
Slip resistance 56 URSV

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