Slate is a building stone appreciated for strength and ductility, it can be used for roofing, walling and pavings.

Purple slate is a rare stone used for interior and exterior applications such as interior slate flooring, exterior paving stone, stair treads, countertops, roofing and pavings. Prune color is immediately recognizable, the stone texture appear rich and compact, perfomances and properties are superior. Silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide and potassium oxide are the chemical components of these plates. 

Map-slate provides purple slate pavings useful for kitchen’s top or bathroom’s top, the dark burgundy color matches very well with classic and modern styles. Purple slate pavings can be combine with wooden furnitures, stone or steel finishings. 
People choose purple slate pavings because loves antacid and waterproof features of these coatings. People can choose several formats to personalize home spaces with great idea. Map-slate provides purple slate pavings with splitted, polished or brushed finishing-touch, in rectangular or square sizes. 
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