It has never been so easy  to choose between different type of pavings for your home or for your backyard, among all those many materials, finishes and colors: our hint is to choose sea slate pavings, as theycan be used for both indoor and outdoor because of their many features. 

The first feature to be considered, it is the great flexural strength, so you can use it for public places, where thousands and thousands of people daily walk, or for your shop, where staff keeps moving around with heavy objects or working machines. The second one is its high stains resistance, which makes sea slate pavings perfect for restaurant, pastry shop, kitchen, hair stylist saloon and other places where it’s easy to get yourself or the floor dirty. It is also acid-proof and easy to be cleaned.

As we stated, Sea slate is the best solution for outdoor pavings too: it is waterproof and skidproof, so it can protect you from unlucky falls, mostlyon poolside. In addiction to that,yourpool can look very sophisticated, as a luxury hotel’s one, if you use sea slatepavings.

This kind of slate has a classical and soft grey colour, really resistant through the passing of time, even if it is exposed to the sun and to the other atmospheric agents. For this reason, sea slate stubs are usually used even for stairs and window sills. Its most important mechanic feature, foliation, consents workmen to cut it in various thickness pieces (also 6 or 8 mm), so it can be fit for almost every coating

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